A new transit bus is slated to be introduced just before the end of November.

BC Transit said in a statement it will connect both Hazelton and Terrace in part of the BC Governments Transportation Action Plan.

The bus system doesn’t include a connecting route to Prince Rupert and there’s no news on if there are future plans for this to happen.

Mayor of Hazelton Alice Maitland says she hopes to eventually have a bus system reach the west coast.

“Its taken us so long to get this far that it would have been just an impossible dream if everything had come to fruition the way we wanted it to and so just give us time and I think we’ll have what we need here at some point.”

Maitland adds everyone needs to voice their concern for more action from the government when it comes to transportation between northern towns.

The new service will start on November 20th and will also add another day from Kispiox to Smiters.