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Feds amending access-to-information bill will create public conflict: Cullen

Adding more restrictions to government information is a Liberal bill in need of fixing.

That’s according to Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen, who questioned the Federal government’s proposed Bill C-58 in Ottawa this week.

The NDP’s deputy finance critic believes if the bill passes, withholding any important information from Canadians will only fail.

“Ethics, cash for access, and open government were all promises made, and all promises that were broken. From the sponsorship scandal to missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls, all of this came to light through access to information.”

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He claims the situation could potentially be worse than the actions of previous Prime Ministers Stephen Harper and Jean Chretien.

The Liberals replied saying they’re the first government in more than three decades to modernize the Access to Information Bill, but Cullen adds a never-ending game could be created with their methods.

“It’s called ‘Ethics Bingo.’ How many Liberals have secret numbered companies they have not told Canadians about? Is it one? Yes, there is one. Is it two? Oh yes, at least two. Is it three? Tell me when I get to the right one and we can all yell ‘bingo’ together. Enough with the games!”

Finance Minister Bill Morneau countered with the Fed’s on-going meetings with the Ethics Commissioner to ensure no conflicts within Parliament Hill.

Cullen also believes Bill C-58 could lead a lasting impact, especially on First Nations and Indian bands, as well as civil society groups.


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