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“Stay off the railway tracks”, CN police services advise.

The CN police services have issued a warning of caution to all drivers and winter outdoor enthusiasts when around and crossing railways.

“Icy roads, reduced visibility and storms are a potentially dangerous combination and we encourage people to drive safely and use caution around railway crossings,” said Stephen Covey, chief of police and chief security officer at CN.

“Railway tracks should never be used as a trail. Riding on or along railway tracks can cost you your life.”

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The warning is about safety and has always been, according to Constable Jamie Thorne, CN BC police.

Thorne adds not only is using the railway as a shortcut unsafe, it is also illegal and will result in a fine.

If caught by the CN police, a ticketing fee will cost you $150.00.

Five important rail safety tips for the winter season:

  • Drivers might need more room to come to a complete stop at crossings.
  • The reduced visibility and sounds from a storm might make it more difficult to see or hear a train coming.
  • Railroads and their adjacent right of way are not a safe place to snowshoe, cross-country ski or ride a snowmobile.
  • If you’re snowshoeing or skiing near a designated crossing, don’t wear headphones and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Railroads are never a safe shortcut to get anywhere.
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