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MP Nathan Cullen Speaks Up about Ethics in the House of Commons

Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen has made national news across the country for his outspoken criticism of the Liberal government’s response to Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s alleged conflict of interest with Bill C-27, which would amend the Access to Information Act.

On Monday, in the House of Commons, Cullen spoke against the matter and addressed the house claiming Bill C-27 is not only a clear attack on workers’ pensions, it is also a conflict of interest.

“Talking about things like ethics is important because the public has a lot of reasons to suspect that politicians and even people act this way to benefit themselves: they don’t tell the whole truth, break promises, which makes it harder and harder for Canadians to believe who they sent to office. We need to as it is an incredibly important relationship and incredibly important to what happens in this country” said Mr. Cullen.

Mary Dawson, the Ethics Commissioner of Canada, has launched an “examination” into the matter and the connection between the Minister and Bill C-27.

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