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Daylight Saving Time should be eliminated: Liberal MLA

The BC Liberals have introduced a private members bill to eliminate daylight saving time, according to one northern MLA.

The concept originally started in 1918 as a way to reduce coal usage after the war, but was then eliminated until the 60’s.

Cariboo North MLA Coralee Oakes says there is no need for it and that it actually has negative health effects.

“There have been lots of studies done on the implication from a healthcare perspective on what you find traditionally when daylight saving time, whether you are leaping forward or going backwards, you traditionally see increased accidents,” she explains.

“There is some information that has demonstrated that there is a cost to that, as well as there is a cost to businesses that have to make those changes.”

The bill was introduced while the Governor of Washington was in attendance.

“One of the purposes of presenting the bill today is we would certainly appreciate the support from the Cascadia region looking at how we can unify; and opportunities if we were all to move forward in this direction.”

Oakes encourages people to let them know what they think.

She says it is now up to the Government House Leader to decide whether the bill will move forward or not.

– With files from George Henderson

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