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Digital Delivery Classes Expand Educational Opportunities in the region

New technologies are proving to be a success in classes at the Lake District Campus expanding the educational opportunities for students in the region.

For the first time this year, intersession digital delivery instruction technology was introduced to the campus following Prince George and Quesnel.

As a result, educational opportunities in Burns Lake will continue to expand because of DDI. Class minimums could be met over the entire CNC region resulting in fewer course cancellations, according to Lakes District Regional Principal Corinne George.

Executive Director of Communications for CNC Alyson Gournely-Carmer said that DDI offers positive opportunities for students, especially those who live in rural communities and who may not have access to the full academic offering that their local campus provides easier access to key learnings while remaining in their hometowns.

Opportunities also arise for instructors at the Lakes District campus, as they would have the capability of teaching through DDI to other CNC campuses in 2018.

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