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HomeNewsCigarette tax hike could reduce number of smokers: Northern Health

Cigarette tax hike could reduce number of smokers: Northern Health

According to Northern Health, about 20% of people in Northern BC are smokers.

With the news of a reported tax hike for cigarettes, the hope is this number will go down.

“Increased taxation has proven to be an effective way to help people cut down on cigarette use and to, in fact, quit,” says Tobacco-Reduction Regional Nursing Lead, Cindy Gjerde.

“This is one strategy that they’re looking to employ to help people quit using tobacco for good.”

Over the last number of years, the goal of a lower smoker percent has gone down in not only northern BC, but the entire country.

“We had significant decline in smoking rates across Canada, including Northern BC, but we are seeing more of a leveling off,” explains another Tobacco-Reduction Regional Nursing Lead, Nancy Viney.

“Still, there is a reduction in smoking rates but the rate of decline has decreased.”

The goal for the country as a whole is to have just 5% of the total population to be smokers by 2035.

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