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HomeNewsAnti-marijuana legalization group speaks up about reproductive health effects

Anti-marijuana legalization group speaks up about reproductive health effects

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Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada says marijuana would not be on its way to legalization if the public knew the effects the drug has on reproductive health.

“They’re risking sterility and they’re risking DNA damage to their children and grandchildren,” says SAM Canada National Director Pamela McColl.

“That’s a very serious piece of science and I don’t think Canadians would support legalization if they knew it.”

The organization believes, through research, using the drug negatively affects both men and women; and McColl says Health Canada shares the same opinion on that front.

McColl says she met with the task force regarding the issue.

“I said how do you legalize a drug when your country’s health watchdog says men should not use if they want to have children, how do you do that?”

McColl says they were going to send a scientist to present to the Standing Committee on Health about reproductive health affects of marijuana use, but once they found out that subject would be brought up, the scientist was uninvited.

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