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HomeNewsMild winter stretch expected to continue for Northern BC

Mild winter stretch expected to continue for Northern BC

Despite a skiff on the horizon, temperatures across Northern BC will remain calm and mild according to Environment Canada.

Meteorologist, Armel Castellan says the remainder of the week should be nothing short of pleasant.

“We may be reaching zero degrees and then kind of cooling off too maybe minus five or so, as the week progresses we’re going to start to see if those normal temperatures hit minus three as a high and maybe even into the double-digit negative temperatures like minus ten or twelve by Friday morning.”

Castellan suggests if you wish to avoid the possibility of the chilly start, all you have to do is find a higher elevation.

“You might also find that in fact if minus twelve isn’t your bag with clouds, you can probably find sun and zero a little bit higher up.”

Daily temperatures in the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District will range anywhere from zero to minus six degrees Celsius.

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