The Smithers Regional Airport Modernization Project(AMP) is on schedule.

The first phase of the project, the boarding lounge renovation, is a third of the way completed.

The first reporting status states work has been done to remove the old boarding lounge and install a temporary lounge in its place, along with the installation of Geothermal heating tubes, the installation of floor joists and the rerouting of electrical and heating utilities.

AMP Construction Project Coordinator, John Steward confirmed the details of the project.

“We have removed the previous boarding lounge and installed the foundations and footings for the new lounge, installed suspended flab and the floor joists to prepare for the delivery of the cross-laminated timbers from Structure Craft.”

“We have also finished running the utilities into the building, the geothermal lines which will be providing renewable energy for the heating of the building has been run and the geofield has also been installed in the west side of the building.”

Passengers will notice signs indicating the work in progress and are being rerouted to the temporary lounge.

The project budget remains intact.

The next phase update is scheduled for February.