Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen will be meeting with Greyhound to discuss the recent public hearing presentation that took place across the region this past week.

Greyhound says one of the key reasons for wanting to withdraw from the community is an economic issue – the Prince George and Prince Rupert corridor is unprofitable due to low ridership over the past few years.

MP Nathan Cullen says he is not satisfied with the business argument Greyhound provided the community.

“If Greyhound can come to me with a full business case about how they can run a service that people want to take then I am all ears. If they continue to say that we run a very unpopular and unhelpful service that people don’t want to jump on the bus, then it seems to me that they trying to grind their service down to make the excuse of why they want to leave.”

MP Nathan Cullen also added he is willing to work with all levels of government to negotiate a solution with Greyhound.

“I can speak to federal representatives and provincial colleagues to find a way. That is how we put the bus system together for the Highway of Tears.”

MP Cullen is expected to meet with Greyhound sometime this month.