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Much to the surprise to local residents, decorated rocks are being hidden across town.

Love on the Rocks is a community project aimed at delivering random acts of kindness through the discovery of hidden hand-painted rocks.

Rocks are hand-painted and then placed around town for others to discover them. The purpose? Spread some love and make a stranger smile.

The project started in the summer after Smithers resident, Marilyn Laphapelle heard about the initiative while in Alberta.

“I asked a friend if she could help me set up a Facebook page and I’d paint the rocks.”

She has painted over 50 rocks and placed them throughout town including locations that include the Bulkley Valley Credit Union, The Meadows, The Chamber of Commerce, The Smithers Libray, The Railway Station and the Post Office.

The project has been gaining awareness solely through word-of-mouth.

“If you find a rock, it says Keep It or Hide It, but if you find a rock and want to keep it, you should replace it with another rock and then post a picture of it on Facebook.”

The project is aimed at brightening someone’s day without asking for anything in return.

“I heard a story last week that a boy had found one a rock of Santa Claus (that I had painted) and he had to go to the hospital and he took the rock with him to comfort him while he was there. After he was done, he felt better and went out to rehide the rock.”

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