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HomeNewsAverage weekly earnings in BC continue to rise in October

Average weekly earnings in BC continue to rise in October

BC continues to rank in the top five for average weekly earnings in Canada.

The province saw the most substantial growth when compared to October of 2016.

“Average weekly earnings were $951 in October and that is little change from the previous month. Compared with the same time in 2016 weekly earnings in the province were up three-point-seven percent which is the largest out of all the provinces,” says Emmanuelle Bourbeau, Statistics Canada Analyst.

While the progress looks good on paper, it still continues lag behind the national rate of $983.00.

However, the jump in wages was enjoyed by numerous job types.

“The increase was spread across most sectors and the largest contributors were educational services, construction and health care and social assistance.”

Alberta continues to have the highest average weekly earnings among the provinces at $1,140.

Here are the top five provinces with the highest weekly earnings.

1) Alberta $1,143.46
2) Newfoundland and Labrador $1,039.10
3) Saskatchewan $1,008.63
4) Ontario $999.66
5) BC $951.54

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