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HomeNewsOver The Holidays Six people are injured in crashes every hour: ICBC

Over The Holidays Six people are injured in crashes every hour: ICBC

ICBC is reminding drivers about the dangers of holiday driving.

According to them, there are 40 injuries in 150 crashes on average between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day in the north.

There are four questions ICBC lists to ask yourself, says spokesperson Doug MacDonald.

“Make sure your vehicle is ready, make sure the facts your fluids are up, you’ve check the oil. Tire pressure can change in the cold weather, you want to make sure your tires are inflated properly, you got that extra jug of washer fluid for minus 35 and greater so that your vehicle is prepared if you find yourself in a predicament.”

Knowing the answer to these questions can help you if you plan on making a long drive to visit family over the holiday.

“One of the key things, when we talk about, crashes happening in the region is how can we prevent them and those few little things can go along way in making sure the fact that people have a great Christmas and holiday season and that they’re safe where they are going and on their way back in Northern BC.”

Other questions listed on the release are “am I focused on the road”, “do I have enough space to stop”, and “how am I getting home”.

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