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BC Looking At Vending Machines To Battle Opioid Crisis

The BC government is looking into installing vending machines capable of dispensing alternative opioid drugs.

This would be the next harm reduction tool to help battle the overdose crisis in the province.

The machines would allow people addicted to opioids obtain hydromorphone in places like supportive housing, and supervised injection sites.

Mark Tyndall of the BC CDC says they are still experimenting with this idea.

“Probably one of the more extreme models would be anonymous vending machines, but we are exploring many models that would just allow people access to a safer supply of drugs.”

This idea is in its early stages and there is a lot more that needs to be looked at.

“I think the goal right now to address the toxic drug market is to allow people the opportunity to get other drugs and so we’re exploring many different ways that could happen.”

There’s been no word yet on if and when these measures will take place.

with files from Jeff Slack, My Prince George Now

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