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HomeNewsPlan ahead for New year's Eve: ICBC, Police

Plan ahead for New year’s Eve: ICBC, Police

One of the busiest nights on the roads is New Year’s Eve with celebrations at bars, restaurants, and house parties resulting in plenty of traffic.

That’s why ICBC and police step up impaired driving enforcement with the CounterAttack road-checks across B.C.

Planning ahead is what they say makes roads the safest.

“The most important thing you can do is plan for a safe ride home now whether that means making the decision to be the designated driver, asking a friend to be a designated driver, or deciding how you’re going to be getting home,” says ICBC spokesperson Joanna Linsangan.

“This includes setting aside money for a taxi, taking transit, or using Operation Red Nose.”

It’s not all on guests though, it’s also on party hosts.

“Have options available for designated drivers, in addition to serving alcohol, have non-alcoholic beverages as well for all guests including designated drivers,” Linsangan explains.

“But also making sure that you offer other alternatives for people to get home or, if you want, offer to have people stay at your place.”

According to ICBC, New Year’s Eve sees 10 people injured in 50 crashes around the North Central region of the province, on average.

One person is killed and 170 people are injured in 620 crashes on average throughout B.C., according to ICBC.

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