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BC carbon tax hike puts a dent in MSP savings : Canadian Taxpayers Federation

An increase in BC’s carbon tax will eat into the MSP tax savings next year according to the Canadian Tax Payers Federation.

“The carbon tax is going up to thirty-five dollars per ton and that’s going to cause more hardship and financial strain for more British Columbians,” says Kris Sims, CTF BC Director.

The hike also means you’ll be paying through the nose in 2018 at local gas stations.

“Every time you fill up your average car, that’s about five bucks at the pump just in carbon tax, if you’re driving a pick-up truck, or an SUV that’s a little more than ten bucks in carbon taxes alone,” added Sims.

With more than 5.7 billion litres of gasoline sold in BC last year, it means the province will rake in an average of $490 million dollars in gasoline carbon tax – that jumps up to over $600 million if you include diesel.

The carbon tax hike will put a dent into the MSP savings.

The increase will take effect in April.

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