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Mild Influenza Season So Far: Northern Health

Both Interior Health and Fraser Health have seen a jump in influenza, but Northern Health says it’s been steady for northerners.

January is usually the most common time people start to feel the effects of the flu, because during winter we spend more time inside with each other.

Northern Healths Dr. Andrew Gray says it’s been a fairly good season so far.

“we’ve experiencing, I would say, a moderate increase in influenza. It’s not far outside of the norm for us in Northern Health this year.”

Although, this flu season hasn’t been without some unusual situations in comparison to years prior.

“One thing that’s unusual about the influenza situation in BC this year is that we’ve got two major strains circulating at the same time, A and B are circulating right now with B being a bit milder, and just a bit earlier than usual.”

When asked if Dr. Gray has seen more people getting their vaccination shots this year, he says it hasn’t been something they’ve tracked daily, but believes a majority of people have been immunized.

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