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First Nation Policing Program Getting More Funding From The Government

The federal government announced Wednesday they are committing an addition $189.2 million in funding for the First Nations Police Program.

This adds to the $102 million that was given after the 2017 budget, which was criticized as an insufficient amount to address policing needs of nearly half a million people in 450 communities across Canada.

“I think it will assist the community significantly.” says Regional Chief Terry Teegee. “We’re seeking more assistance and more resources to make sure that a lot of the First Nations police forces are at least at minimum standards in terms of wages and in terms of resources they need to be functional.”

Currently the provincial government pays 48 per cent of policing cost, while Canada handles the other 52 per cent.

In 2014, BC had under 110 officers provide service to 130 First Nations communities through 55 community Tripartite Agreements for First Nations Community Police Service.

“It’s really difficult to have adequate police presents in remote areas. But I think that really speaks to developing our own police force where it’s our own community members, so I think there are different ways and means of addressing those issues.”

Teegee added this is a good start because for to long many First Nation police forces are underfunded.

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