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HomeNewsWarm layers are necessary, but there’s other tips to consider: WorkSafeBC

Warm layers are necessary, but there’s other tips to consider: WorkSafeBC

Temperatures are dropping in Northern BC due to the recent arctic front and for outdoor workers, obviously it’s time to bundle up.

That’s according to WorkSafeBC’s Director of Prevention Field Services Dan Strand.

He explains almost 80 workers were injured from exposure to cold weather over the last five years in BC.

“These injuries largely include frostbite and hypothermia. The steps that we need to take to prevent injuries in this particular circumstance is now that there is a bit of a window of opportunity to examine the work environment, we would ask employers and workers to prevent any of those injuries.”

WorkSafeBC is encouraging all employers across the province to take any necessary precautions when working in environmentally cold conditions.

Layering up is the popular tip we hear this time of year, but Strand says there are others to keep in mind.

“Keep that clothing dry, stay hydrated, and you really got to watch the hands as well. Keep them away from metal objects, and also, if it all possible, we need to work when we’re well-rested because we see that can be a factor in that cold-related stress injuries.”

He encourages all outdoor workers to check the forecast while planning their daily routines.

Environment Canada however is predicting temperatures to rise above zero degrees in the North by Sunday and well into next week.

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