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Northerners To Benefit From Gov’s Decision To Cover Cost Of Mifegymiso

Starting Monday the abortion pill Mifegymiso will be available no cost across BC.

The government has decided to join five other provinces in providing the drug to terminate early pregnancies up to 9 weeks.

Executive Director for options for sexual health Michelle Fortin says this drug is essential to remote communities in the North.

“Medical abortion in Canada hasn’t been super accessible and in fact, up until Mifegymiso came on the market the past drug left not everyone successful at having an abortion.”

Fortin added one good thing about this drug is it avoids having to go through surgical procedures because it can be used in your own home.

The BC government is hoping the reduction of the cost barrier will ensure individuals have access to safe, legal and available options if they choose.

Surgical abortion has been covered by BC for years, but people who aren’t covered by PharmaCare can be charged up to $300.

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