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Northern Wildlife Society Cub Update

The malnourished cub that arrived at the Northern Wildlife Society will be tranquillized Tuesday.

The cub has slowly gained two pounds and is showing incremental signs of improvement.

Northern Wildlife Society Cofounder Angelika Langden says tranquillizing the cub will allow the team to properly assess its health.

“The digestive system seems to be working normally. We wanted to see the body condition – how heavy it is is it male or female, and if there are any injuries we can’t detect at this point.”

“We didn’t do it right away because it is hard work for the kidneys to get the tranquillizer out of the body. We wanted to make sure the health was stable so tomorrow we will have a closer look.”

The cub is estimated to weigh about 20 pounds which is well below the average weight seen in cubs of this age and during this time of year.

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