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Local Poverty Reduction Strategy Meeting: It’s good to include a diverse group of voices

The BC government’s recent poverty reduction strategy meeting in Smithers has received some resident feedback.

Local resident Edward Quinlan says the meetings are a first step in the right direction but more needs to be done.

“The systemic issues that are faced by people living in poverty, and the fact that we have a definition of poverty and no definition of anything beyond that – I think that way of thinking about our society and the way things are put together is part of the problem. ”

Quinlan says the benefits of including a diverse group of voices is significant.

“To encourage people to open their eyes; to understand the historical context – to say Indigenous people how they have been here for so long; to appreciate and be more willing to understand other peoples walk of life, and to help destigmatize poverty.”

The government is offering local NGO’s up to $2500 in grant funding to host their own community meetings if they are willing to participate and share ideas regarding the public strategy.

The public consultation meetings continue to take place across the country until March 31st.

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