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Cloudy, chilly week ahead in Northern BC

It’s looking like it’ll be a gloomy few days this week across Northern BC.

Lots of clouds and snow is projected with temperatures below the freezing mark for the most part, according to Environment Canada.

Although there is not much snow expected, meteorologist Armel Castellan says people in the north should consider themselves lucky.

“The north is, in a way, being spared because some of the tracks of the low-pressure systems, so the storms, have been going further south,” says Castellan.

This may not last that long though, as a few upcoming storms are likely to produce snow for much of the northern interior.

As for how cold it’s going to be moving forward, Castellan says we might need to grab the winter jackets again.

“I do see temperatures cresting downwards, so trending towards normal for this of year,” Castellan explains.

“[Northern BC] should start to see those at the end of the week into the weekend colder temperatures; so that arctic air settling back into the area and having a little bit less of that southernly influence.”

This week in Smithers, the expected high is Wednesday at zero.

There is a chance of flurries every day.

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