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Teegee calls for overhaul of Canadian Judicial System

BC Regional Chief Terry Teegee calls the Gerald Stanley verdict a miscarriage of justice.

That’s why he is calling for a complete overhaul of the Canadian judicial system.

Stanley, 56, was recently found not guilty with second-degree murder in the death of Colten Boushie, 22, in Saskatchewan.

“There were no minorities, nor Indigenous people on the jury and their system, obviously, is failing First Nations,” Teegee says.

“Overall the judicial system has definitely let down First Nations in terms of adequate representation.”

This is not something that brewed overnight, however, as Teegee remains adamant the issues with the Canadian judicial system have been there for awhile.

What sparked his call for action is how two major problems were brought to the forefront during the Stanley trial.

“What really epitomized the Gerald Stanley case and the miscarriage of justice for Colten Boushie is that there hasn’t been fair representation for First Nations,” explains Teegee.

“Nor how the system adequately deals with justice for Indigenous peoples across this country.”

Teegee notes the verdict creates a situation where people may be more prone to take justice into their own hands, stating “that’s not the Canada we should live in”.

A rally was held in front of the Prince George courthouse Monday to demand change and bring awareness to the flaws in the Canadian judicial system.

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