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BC budget will help nurses: Acting Union President

Courtesy Our Nurses Matter/Facebook

Northern BC residents should be pleased when it comes to the healthcare element of the 2018 BC budget.

“There’s $150 million to help those connect to those who do not have a family doctor with teen-based primary care,” says BC Nurses Union Acting President Christine Sorensen.

“I think this is a significant shift for many of our rural and remote areas outside of the lower mainland where we have difficulties recruiting physicians.”

Sorensen says this will help develop a system where patients can more easily access the healthcare system.

The money comes from a $1.5 billion investment made into healthcare, where there is another benefit to nurses and residents in the north.

“This is going to include $548 million new dollars to provide improved care for seniors and that’s to increase the hours of direct care in residential care ot meet the seniors advocates hours, but it’s also to enhance additional services to meet the needs of the growing seniors population,” Sorensen says.

“I’m sure that the [University Hospital of Northern BC], which is struggling with overcapacity issues, will be very happy with this. So many of our seniors are needing help to stay in their homes, to stay in their residential care facilities, and this additional money into this system will help us keep seniors out of our acute care system and redirect them back into their homes, back into their residential care homes, where it’s a much better place for them to get care.”

Overall, Sorensen says she is very impressed with the budget.

She notes the investment into affordability for childcare support and housing as two key factors to help the province recruit and retain nurses all over BC.

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