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HomeNewsColdsnap in BC leads to surge in electricity

Coldsnap in BC leads to surge in electricity

Much of BC including the north has felt like a frozen tundra over the past few days thanks to a recent cold snap.

“We have seen an increase in electricity demand in all regions the last couple days and it’s actually 10% higher than we’ve seen in the last couple weeks. We’re definitely seeing an increase there and demand for electricity is expected to remain high this week as the cold snap continues, we are preparing for those potentially near record-breaking peaks,” says Tanya Fish, Spokesperson.

The cold season is usually the time for electricity use to go up due to the variety of weather patterns that exist during the winter.

“Unlike utilities in the east, which usually see their peak demand in the summer because of air conditioners and people turning on those to keep cool, here in BC, are peak demand numbers increase in the winter seasons We typically see an increase in the evening hours between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., this is when people are coming home from work and then you turn on your lights, cooking dinner and all those things and that’s when we see that daily Spike for electricity use go up.”

BC Hydro activated its Winter Payment Plan in response to the colder-than-average temperatures this winter season.

The plan helps customers manage winter bills by providing the option to spread payments over a six-month period. Customers have until March 31 to sign-up.

BC Hydro is reminding customers of simple ways to save power during the winter months by keeping the thermostat at an ideal temperature of 16 degrees when away from home, 18 degrees when cooking and 21 degrees when at home.

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