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HomeNewsFederal funding into childcare spaces not just an urban investment: MCFD

Federal funding into childcare spaces not just an urban investment: MCFD

Canadian and BC governments are making another step forward in funding for childcare spaces.

Days after the budget reading in Victoria, the Feds have announced a $153 million investment over the next three years for nearly 1,400 additional spaces for infants and toddlers across the province.

BC’s Child and Family Development Minister Katrine Conroy says the funding will be distributed as much as needed to all regions, including the North.

“We’re also having very active conversations with local municipalities from all over BC, including our fantastic Northern region. This is not just an urban area issue, we know that families from rural and remote communities are also struggling finding childcare spaces and this is something we need to work on.”

She adds the NDP intend on reaching out to local non-profit organizations and school districts to figure out what each regional need is.

“In our provincial government’s $1 billion investment into childcare, we are adding a lot of initiatives to work with local municipalities on addressing the needs and making sure that our funding and investment will go to where needs are the highest.”

The funding is also set to recruit 4,000 current and future early childhood educators in earning or upgrading their certification.

The allocation is also part of Canada’s budget plan for BC children, which stands at $7.5 billion over the next 11 years.

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