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MID-DAY: Dow pulls back from sharp fall on Wednesday; Dick’s Sporting Goods announces bans on gun sales

The Dow is bouncing back from a sharp decline yesterday. The Wall Street index is up 136 points to 25,546 following a report that the US economy grew 2.5 percent in 2017. Although traders believe this could push US policy makers to add a fourth interest rate hike this year.

The TSX is down 30 points to 15,640 although could see a boost tomorrow as TD prepares to release the final Canadian big bank quarterly report.

Oil is down slightly to 62.61 a barrel, still holding above the 60.00 benchmark.

Gold is down slightly to 1,317 and the Loonie is hitting a 2 and a half month low as it slides to 78.08 cents US.

Dick’s Sporting Goods shares are up this morning following the company’s announcement that it will no longer sell assault-style rifles or sell any guns to buyers under 21.

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