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HomeNewsCannabis legalization details vague: Mike Morris

Cannabis legalization details vague: Mike Morris

British Columbia’s former solicitor general believes the Canadian government is vague on cannabis legalization details.

Following Tuesday’s federal budget, Prince George – Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris says the province still does not know how much money it will receive to help with law enforcement once marijuana is legalized on July 1st, 2018.

“We already have problems with various intoxicants and this just adds to those complications,” he says.

“The provincial budget is very thin on money going into that program and I think they’re relying too heavily on the feds who also haven’t coughed up enough cash yet.”

Morris is also critical of the promises of safety from criminal activity made that he says are not being kept at this time.

“They talked about getting $100-million during the campaign, they talked about providing money to the provinces to help them out with enforcement issues,” explains Morris.

“Here we are just months away from the legalization of this product and BC, yet, doesn’t know how much money they might be getting to help them out.”

Morris reiterates that, to him, health and safety should always be a top priority for all levels of government.

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