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“Miracle tree” root powder can kill most E. coli in water

Two years of researching the impact morigna (Moringa oleifera) has led to a discovery that could help water decontamination.

Ecosystem Science and Management Professor Dr. Chris Opio and University of Northern BC graduate student Chandehl Morgan have found that root powder from the Moringa “miracle tree” can kill most E. coli bacteria in contaminated water.

“The initial results mean that Moringa root powder does have some potential to be used as a point-of-use water treatment,” said Dr. Opio in a statement.

“Further research will need to done to optimize this method, as well as test the palatability of the treated water.”

Moringa has been dubbed the “miracle tree” due to the versatility of the plant, being used for nutrition, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and has been used in many traditional medicines.

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