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Public engagement session on design of ICBC rates launched by the government

It’s becoming pretty clear Northern BC drivers are fed up with the current rate structure of ICBC.

The most common complaint people have is bad drivers should be paying more while good drivers should be paying less.

Attorney General David Eby and the provincial government launched an online engagement session on Monday.

He would like the public to better define what a bad driver is and how much more they should pay.

“Is it someone who has two speeding tickets, is it someone who has at fault accident, is it someone who has a single infraction with excessive speeding, these are the kind of questions we’re asking and we really do want British Columbians to provide their feedback to us and we look forward to what they mean when they say bad drivers should pay more.”

“People will say look I’m a really good driver and I should get a discount if I was in another province I would get a great discount, those discounts can only come from people who have riskier behaviours paying more.”

Currently, motorists pay an average of $1,700 a year for their auto insurance – the highest rates in all of Canada.

Eby adds they’ll be submitting one of their proposed ideas through this online session for everyone to see.

“Our idea is that it’s actually the driver who is insured rather than the vehicle, so if you lend your vehicle to someone on a regular basis who has a very bad driving record your insurance would go up. Currently, Insurance follows the vehicle instead of following the driver.”

The engagement period closes on April 5th at 4 pm.

For a link to the engagement session, click here.


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