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HomeNewsBC Hydro reminding Northern residents about downed power line dangers

BC Hydro reminding Northern residents about downed power line dangers

With the weather slowly turning brighter, BC Hydro is reminding people about the dangers of downed power lines this time of year.

March often comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb leading to a number of storms.

“That is what can often lead to downed power lines, trees may blow over if there is a heavy load of snow as they can blow over in a very strong wind and they can land on power lines knocking those to the ground,” says Bob Gammer, Northern Media Relations.

“We certainly want people to stay back at least ten metres, the length of a city bus and that’s because a downed power line is a danger and it could be energized and it could energize the ground around where it’s touching,” added Gammer.

If you’re travelling and you get struck by one, Gammer has a few tips on what you should do.

“If you have to leave your vehicle, you need to carefully open the door do not make contact with your vehicle and the ground, you have to jump free of the vehicle and then shuffle away keeping your feet together, shuffling sort of like a penguin.”

However, if you’re not in danger, the crown corporation advises you to stay in your car and call 9-1-1 for assistance.

Here is a couple of videoes on downed power lines.


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