The BC government’s recent ban on grizzly bear trophy hunting province-wide has put one Bulkley Valley organization on edge.

The Northwest Fish and Wildlife Conservation Association (NFWCA) has stated publicly its members and families could suffer as most of them consume various animal meats as poart of their daily lives.

NFWCA Director Terri O’Neill, based in Smithers, says she herself consumes moose meat on a seasonal basis, and believes Victoria is only catering to one side of the table.

“Hunting is a lifestyle; it’s a Canadian tradition to go out and harvest and provide for your family. We’ve got three children and they hunt and our grandchildren hunt as well. There’s no conservation problem with moose up in the North Skeena, and a lot of people don’t understand that because they’re quite happy just to go to the grocery store. Me personally, I’m not; this is part of our lifestyle.”

She says the NFWCA, and its sister members, would not be able to hunt moose altogether should the NDP’s recent talks on trophy hunting regulations.

She doesn’t believe it’s fair to be neglected because of the region they live in.

“We’re being told this is what’s going to happen to us, and they had the consultation process, but it’s been hand picked to have certain individuals at the table and if I were Doug Donaldson, I would take a look at who I’m representing in the region.”

She says she’s spoken with Forests Minister and Stikine MLA Donaldson and has presented ideas on how to best see these regulations, but claims no one has responded.

If they’re implemented, only bull moose with ten-point antlers or more would be legal for trophy hunting.