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BC RCMP continue attempts to crack down on distracted driving

RCMP across the province are reminding the public of the dangers of distracted driving.

This coincides with Distracted Driving Month in British Columbia, as police look to intensify the enforcement against it.

One common misperception is what classifies as “distracted driving”, explains Sergeant Matt LaBelle.

“People, still, have not got the message and they’re still using cell phones while driving, using cell phones while stopped at a red light, they’ve got dogs on their laps, they’ve got too much cargo in their passenger side, they’ve got kids and other passengers in their vehicles that are distracting them while driving.”

Although enforcement will be more apparent in the effort to cut down on distracted driving, RCMP are reminding drivers to just maintain the majority of your focus on the road.

“You’re allowed to take your hand off the wheel to have a sip of coffee or to have a snack or adjust the temperature in your car or adjust the radio or move your seat around. You’re allowed to do those things,” Sgt. McBelle says.

“It’s when you take both hands off the wheel to chow down on that burger and steer with you knees. That’s where we’re having an issue.”

Distracted driving tickets ring in at $368 plus four penalty points.

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