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HomeNewsBCUC lost by provincial government on Northern BC projects: report

BCUC lost by provincial government on Northern BC projects: report

Auditor General Carol Bellringer

BC Auditor General Carol Bellringer has released a report on the current relationship between the provincial government and the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC).

She claims the NDP hasn’t completed key reviews of the BCUC, which reduces its effectiveness in important regions.

In addition, Bellringer says government is continuing to exclude some key Northern BC projects involving clean energy.

“These projects include the Northwest Transmission Line, and, most recently, the Site C dam. By excluding the commission from key decisions government loses out on the value of a local transparent review and expert advice.”

The report also entails an unfair review by the Victoria legislature on the BCUC when it comes to these projects.

Bellringer adds the ability to maintain and obtain qualified staff isn’t up to speed.

“The 2014 task force identified this as a challenge because the commission needs to compete with higher paying utilities for qualified talent. They also recommended higher compensation to help the commission attract staff and commissioners with relevant expertise.”

Moving forward, she encourages government to clarify its intentions with the BCUC, which was originally created in 1980 to regulate large companies like ICBC, BC Hydro, and Fortis BC.

For more information and the full report released today, you can click here.

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