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HomeNewsNew Nass River Bridge coming Fall 2019

New Nass River Bridge coming Fall 2019

A Northwest BC bridge is being replaced after serving local residents, businesses, and commercial drivers for more than six decades.

The BC government has announced plans for a new $24 million Nass River Bridge on Highway 37, expected to be completed by Fall 2019.

Stikine MLA Doug Donaldson says this will benefit everyone who uses the bridge, especially those from rural areas.

“It’s good for the safety of the people in the North, it’s good for industrial activity and commercial activity, and it’s good for tourism as well, so I’m looking forward to seeing this new bridge once its done.”

The bridge only has one lane, whereas the new plans indicate an expansion to two lanes, as well as a tourist look-out point, and bike shoulders for pedestrians and cyclists.

Donaldson also calls the current construction and aging structure having been made of wood timber back in 1956.

“This new realignment will help commercial, industrial, and residential traffic move smoothly and at a regular pace and more importantly, it’ll be safer. There were a couple of stories told to me that involved accidents people had experience while on the bridge, so this is very important to both me and the government.”

The Federal government is funding nearly $11 million of the upgrade, which will begin in the months ahead.


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