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Cool and wet spring expected for Bulkley Valley and Lakes

With spring officially starting today, Environment Canada is looking back one final time on the winter season across northern BC.

We saw no shortage of snow in places like Vanderhoof and the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District.

However, the final amounts vary depending on where you live according to Environment Canada Meteorologist Lisa West.

“Vanderhoof came in at 147 centimetres of snow, Houston was more along the lines of 60 centimetres and the Prince George area saw anywhere between 54 and 99 millimetres of precipitation.”

The spring season is expected to be wetter and colder than normal but those predictions do not include the day-to-day weather.

In other words, you might want to hang on to that warm sweater of yours just a little bit longer.

“The climate models are suggesting La Nina conditions to continue into spring, which tends to bring colder and wetter than average conditions, however, this doesn’t pick up the day-to-day weather conditions.”

The forecast calls for either rain or snow the rest of the week with temperatures between four and seven degrees Celsius.

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