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Northern indigenous groups to be included in BC’s new LNG framework

Premier Horgan holding a media briefing in PG | Jeff Slack, My PG Now

Premier John Horgan has revealed tax rebate plans as part of an up-and-coming LNG project constructed in Northern BC.

He says there will be guaranteed fair returns for the province’s natural resources, including forestry, as well as fair partnerships with local and rural Indigenous communities.

The changes revolve around the natural gas pipeline to run through the North towards Kitimat.

Horgan believes LNG Canada has been working diligently to get this particular project done in the region.

“If we can realize industrial development through the North, spectacular. If we can do that within a framework to protect our environment and meet your client objectives, brilliant. If we can ensure that genuine reconciliation can happen with indigenous peoples, I believe we not just checked all the boxes, but we’ve developed a framework that will mean something to British Columbia now and into the future.”

According to the government, the inclusion of Indigenous groups also applies to other future LNG projects and if the current proposal is ultimately approved, it has potential to create more than 10,000 jobs in the interest of local, Northern workers, and 950 full-time jobs upon completion.

Horgan claims this ‘initiative’ is proof the NDP is working harder towards reconciliation with Indigenous groups than other previous governments.

He says it is also in part from doing good business.

“A commitment was made by those who wanted to participate in our economy that they would proceed in the interest of indigenous peoples, the people of British Columbia, our climate objectives, and the return to British Columbians this will be significant.”

The Kitimat LNG project is expected to be given either the green or red light at the end of the year.

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