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HomeNewsPoparide looks to pick up slack from dropped Greyhound routes

Poparide looks to pick up slack from dropped Greyhound routes

Another ride-sharing company is putting its name in the hat in Northern BC.

Poparide works across Canada and is gaining popularity in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. The carpool service sees drivers post trips they are taking and offer a certain number of seats for riders to book. Poparide uses provincial carpooling regulations.

“When you’re driving, let’s say, between Prince George and Smithers, you can collect enough money to cover your driving costs on your journey from your passengers you cannot turn a profit. That’s the law,” explains Poparide Co-Founder and CEO Flo Devellennes.

The north is being targeted as a way to fill the void left once Greyhound cuts routes in the region. Earlier this year, the Passenger Transportation Board accepted Greyhound Canada‘s proposal to cut six routes in the North Central region of the province.

“Our drivers are already going between two places and they just collect contributions for their costs,” explains Devellennes on the difference between his company and other ride-sharing options such as Uber and Lyft.

“The other thing that is different is the fact that we don’t operate inside the city, we operate a service between cities.”

Greyhound will officially close Northern BC routes June 1st, 2018.

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