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HomeBusiness ReportMID-DAY: Trade war fears are back as China fires back at Trump

MID-DAY: Trade war fears are back as China fires back at Trump

Trade war concerns are back as China and the US continue to hit each other with tariffs. The TSX is down to 15,226 and the Dow is dropping to 23,834.

The tech sector is weighting the markets too as Trump also wages war on Amazon. The president claims Amazon is getting an unfair deal at the post office, which will be cut soon. Amazon shares are currently up 2.5 per cent but traders are watching to see how this new attack will affect the company. Facebook has dropped further by 1.1 per cent.

Oil is down from a morning rally to 63.65 a barrel.

Gold is gaining to 1,341 an ounce.

The Loonie is down to 77.45 cents US.

A security company has found at least three Canadian stores were targeted in a breach of American-based Hudson’s Bay Co stores. Both credit and debit card information was stolen and is being auctioned off on the deep web. Hudson’s Bay Company is not confirming the Canadian store breaches.

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