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Rate increase in line with 10-year plan: BC Hydro

It will cost a tad bit more for Prince George residents to use their power following a recent rate hike from BC Hydro.

Rates are increasing by about three percent, which equates to an increase of two dollars per month or twenty-three dollars a year.

Despite the increase, the utility rates are still competitive when compared to years past.

“This still keeps BC Hydro’s rates among the lowest in North America and if you adjust for inflation the average BC Hydro bill today is only two dollars more than it was forty years ago,” says Bob Gammer, Spokesperson.

The rate hike was given the okay by the BC Utilities Commission, even the though the NDP government requested to freeze hydro rates for a year and then revisit it in 2019.

“And in fact, the government is expected to review BC Hydro this spring and that review is expected to identify changes and potential savings in order for the government to refresh the plan for rates.”

“In this situation, we have a transition from one government to another, we’ve had a rate plan from the previous government until the transition last summer and now the potential for some refreshed planning on rates so we’ll see where that takes us.”

He adds while most people are able to swallow the rate hike, there are others who aren’t as fortunate.

“It’s a small increase for many but it’s an increase that some customers may find difficult and so we do have programs to help with lower income customers including our winter payment plan.”

The plan was brought back again this year after popular demand from the colder than normal conditions in 2017.

It gives customers the chance to pay off any higher than normal bills within a three to six month period.

You can also receive a kit from BC Hydro that has a lot of energy saving tips and could save customers 80 dollars a year.

The increase is consistent with the crown corporation’s  10-year plan introduced in 2013.

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