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A hazard Northwest BC should be aware of

If you are desperate or in a pinch, quick buy USB chargers may be what you’re looking for.

Now for the unfortunate part, they may cause you a bit of a headache in the long run. Health Canada issued a release today announcing the recall of many types of faulty products you yourself may have kicking around.

The national sampling and compliance project found that many USB chargers may not only reduce the battery life of your device but also stir up potential hazards such as:

  • Personal shocking
  • Fire hazards

Experts are recommending that if you do own a faulty product that you should:

  • Stop using it immediately
  • Report any issues online
  • Use certified Canadian products

Residents in the North-West BC region are asked to be vigilant in the purchases they make by double checking whatever they buy and that the product matches the Canadian Electrical Safety Standards. So yes, this means you may want to re-think about the next time you consider buying a charger from the local gas stop…

For a full list of potentially hazardous products, you can click here.

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