The Executive Vice-President for CN Rail, Sean Finn, is in Prince George to discus with groups about the current backlog.

Lumber, Grain, and other products worth are sitting in yards waiting to be distributed to other areas. Making some companies uncertain about future investment into Northern BC.

Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology Bruce Ralston released a statement urging Canada’s transportation minister to ensure a reliable supply of freight cars to help Northern BC.

Photo courtesy of CN Rail website

But, Finn says the main issue is due to cycle time.

“A car goes to Vancouver and it sits there for two days not being unloaded because, for some reason, our customers unloading facility doesn’t work seven days a week. So, this means it doesn’t cycle.”

“Right now, what we are focused on is addressing the issue for Northern BC and to work on that cycle time and get cars back onto our network.”

Minister Ralston said in a statement, “Companies looking to invest in Northern BC communities are understandably discouraged from doing so because of the risk and uncertainty caused by CN Rail’s unreliable service.”

Finn commented on this, saying they fully support the north, and have seen an increase in business.

“There may be a lack of investment in other areas, but when it comes to the railway we are investing very strongly in our network in Northern BC and British Columbia”

Finn added by investing into their network it shows they are capable to face large increase in volumes.

CN Rail has issued an apology for the delays, and they will work to bring in more regular services.