Although most of us enjoy when spring time rolls around, there are a few things we need to be cognizant of.

As we are all aware, wildlife activity will pick up as things begin to warm up, more specifically bears out of hibernation.

Deputy Officer Chris Doyle from the BC Conservation Office says we must do our part in not attracting wildlife to residential areas.

“People in the North-West region can be proactive by doing the simple things. Cleaning up bird feed, putting their garbage in the proper bear-proof bins, and by installing electric fences around gardens or fruit bushes.”

The BC Conservation office warns us here in the North-West region to not garner any unwanted attraction, as bears and other wildlife will be looking to fill their bellies. With heavy snowfall this year, residents are asked to be extra vigilant as natural resources may be covered and force wildlife into local towns.

Other tips to deter wildlife from coming towards your community would include cleaning your BBQ and clearing any pet food that may be outdoors.

Under the Wildlife Act it is illegal to feed or attract dangerous wildlife. Offenders can receive up to $100, 000 in fines and 1 year jail time.