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SD 54 Funding Protection reduction

Photo Courtesy: SD54

I know what you’re thinking, nobody likes the sight of funds and reduction in the same sentence.

This is the case for SD 54 as Funding Protection from the Ministry will be reduced.

To some that may be worrisome but to SD 54 trustees, it’s nothing to get frantic about.

“It’s a way of the Ministry aiding a sudden decline in enrollment. We’re funded on a per kid basis so if we have more kids than we project, we would have an issue mid-year which wouldn’t be good. Enrollment has now gone up for SD 54 and those funds will be reduced. ” says SD 54 Secretary Dave Margerm

“It’s about being cognizant of the resources available. The money was carried over from last year to cover potential loss and we will now budget without those funds going forward. The province will now fund us for having more students,  it’s give and take.” says SD 54 Superintendent Chris Van Der Mark.

Van Der Mark was quick to say the reduction in funds will not impact how SD 54 takes care of business.

“We know what we have coming in and our services will match that. We have no anticipation of program loss or staff reduction so I believe we’re in pretty good shape.”





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