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Seat belts for SD 54 buses?

Following the crash that claimed 16 lives of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team, many questions have been raised concerning bus safety.

With the amount of travel SD 54 does with buses, Superintendent Chris Van Der Mark says the implementation of seat belts isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

“The idea hasn’t really been discussed by board trustees. Our school buses already follow very strict safety guidelines. If this idea comes to fruition, SD 54 would not be opposed to the change.”

Transportation Canada says the reasoning behind not having seat belts implemented on school buses is because school buses are already built with high safety standards. Buses are equipped with high backed seats that are close together with padding ensuring safety for those who ride.

Some opposed to the idea would say the implementation of seat belts on school buses may do more harm than good. Complications would include evacuation issues in a time of need and the potential for whiplash if children are buckled down.

Transportation Canada regulates what safety features are needed in a vehicle and it is up to the province to decide the rules and regulations beyond that. There have been many conversations regarding seat belts on school buses, however, nothing concrete has ever been done.

Coach Buses do not follow the same build model that school buses do so that is an entirely different conversation.

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