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Local government will be able to set cannabis market to their liking

The Cannabis Distribution Act, as announced last Thursday, April 26th, will establish the province’s exclusive jurisdiction over wholesale distribution of the drug and provide authority for public retail sales.

The announcement was made by Solicitor General Mike Farnworth, who says this will give local government the ability to set up the cannabis market in their municipality however they want.

“Communities will decide on the kind of stores that they have in their community and the number of stores that they will have in their community,” he explains.

“They may decide to only have a government store or private store or mix of government and private, and they will also decide how many and where those retail locations will be.”

One key concern by both the public and government is the enforcement of impaired driving. Farnworth notes the importance of getting this right, saying law enforcement will need to step up to avoid impaired driving incidents.

“There will be regional considerations taken into account,” says Farnworth.

“We’re very much aware of the need to ensure that training, in fact, does take place, that’s why we have been pushing the federal government to ensure that there is funding in place so that can happen.”

Farnworth says the number one thing he has heard from local government is making sure they understand the rules and regulation of the act to ensure they have time to make changes if needed.

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