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HomeNewsMorice TSA cut level chopped

Morice TSA cut level chopped

The Morice Timber Supply Area cut level has been reduced.
The new allowable annual cut will be 1 point 9 million cubic metres and then decrease to 1 point 6 million in 2020.
Chief forester Dave Peterson says for the first five years the new allowable annual cut includes a large amount of pine, spruce and balsam that has been dead for 10 years.
He adds this two tiered allowable annual cut provides an opportunity for licensees to continue to salvage the dead pine until the end of its shelf live and allows for a more gradual decrease in the cut level.
“One of the things that was obvious to me is that there is actually a lot of dead volume in the Morice TSA,” he says. “Most of it was pine but there was some dead balsam and spruce. It isn’t in patches in its own anymore, it is sprinkled in with the live trees.
Peterson adds there is still a strong, sustainable timber supply in the Morice.
The timber supply area includes Houston, Topley and Granisle.

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