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ICBC reminding Northern BC drivers to be cautious of motorcyclists

With the snow gone, motorcycle enthusiasts are hitting the road to take in the spring weather.

Both riders and drivers have to be extra cautious when out on the roads, making sure to watch for one another.

“Obey the rules all the time and make sure you share the roads responsibly,” says ICBC Northern region spokesperson Doug MacDonald.

“You want to make sure as you come up to an intersection that you scan that intersection, because there may be a vehicle there and you may have the right away, but they may not see you as being a cyclist.”

“We want to make sure as a motorcyclist out there you are wearing the right gear. Make sure you’re wearing approved helmets meeting the DOT Snell Standards, and that we are wearing brightly coloured vests on as well. It is really important to make sure we are equipped properly so we have the safety equipment in case we aren’t seen.”

In North Central BC, 27 incidents involving cyclist took place in 2016, resulting in 22 injuries and two deaths.

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